Located in Pune, India which offers us unique advantages along with an experienced pool of technically skilled personnel and most important, the proximity to various premier research institutions and colleges as well as a highly developed industrial environment. APT has also made an investment in upgrading its infrastructure with its own manufacturing facility with the acquisition of land of 25000 square feet in Pune city. A well equipped Thin Film Technology Development Center of about 30000 square feet can be built in this area.

Design Capabilities

  • CAD/CAM to design and build prototype and production systems.
  • Computer Modeling using SPC and Factorial Design techniques for developing new systems and processes.
  • Ion and electron trajectory modeling to design highly efficient magnetron sputtering sources.

State of the Art Control & System Automation

  • Proprietary Automation and Control System
  • All instrumentation interfaced to the control system providing real-time process control.
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) include –
    • Data Server and Data Logger
    • Display Module
    • Alarms Manager
    • Process Recipe Management etc.
  • User friendly MMI (Man Machine Interface)
  • Extensive error-trapping to prevent inappropriate or unsafe steps.
  • Built-in Hardware and Software interlocks for complete safety of the user and safeguarding of expensive instrumentation.