HV or UHV RF/ DC/ Pulsed DC Compatible Magnetron Sputtering System

  • Single as well as multi target sputter source option
  • Sputter configuration available from 1-6 Sputter sources in sputter up or sputter down
  • Suitable for co-deposition as well as sequential deposition
  • Customize combination available base on process requirement
  • Compact foot print for better utilization of available space
  • Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic mode

System Features

Process Chamber

  • Material: SS304, SS304L, SS316
  • Geometry: Cylindrical, Box type, D-shaped, Spherical
  • High vacuum pumping system: Cryo pump, Turbo Molecular pump, Diffussion pump
  • Base pressure: 10-7 torr by using suitable capacity turbo molecular pump
  • Electro-polished process chamber from inner and outer side for better vacuum performance
  • Extra ports for future up-gradation as per user requirement

Sputtering sources

  • RF/DC/Pulsed DC compatible sputtering sources
  • Manual or motorised shutter assembly
  • Available sizes 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”
  • High strength magnets for better performance
  • In –situ tilt arrangement available

Substrate Holder & Heaters

  • Substrate holder to hold various sizes of substrate upto 8” dia.
  • Variable substrate rotation upto 50 rpm
  • In situ substrate to target distance adjustment upto 100 mm in order to achieve desired uniformity and deposition rate
  • Optional RF/DC substrate biasing facility
  • Uniform substrate heating upto 800 Deg C are available

Gas Management

  • Mass flow control base gas management system with digital display and controller

Power Supply

  • RF Power supply with auto matching network
  • DC/ Pulsed DC
  • Assymetric Bi-polar Pulsed DC Power supply

Optional Features

  • Load lock with magnetic transfer arm
  • Thickness monitor with sensors
  • Substrate Ion cleaning


  • R&D sputtering application
  • Optical coating
  • MEMS and Nano technology
  • Photovoltaic coating
  • Metals, metal oxides and dielectric coatings
  • Decorative coatings
  • Tool coatings