Thermal Evaporation System

“APT Make Thermal Evaporation Systems designed for vacuum evaporation of metals on to a substrate with single or multiple evaporation sources and the evaporation would be done in a high vacuum contamination free chamber”

System Features

Technical Specifications

  • Water cooled thermal evaporation Sources wit h boat/filament
  • SS 304 make chamber with  electro-polished from inner as well as outer side
  • Substrate holders with rotation
  • High Vacuum compatible view port
  • Non contact resistive heater with PID controller
  • Vacuum pumping system
  • Vacuum Gauges

Optional Items

  • Computer and PLC based control of all hardware modules with interlocks
  • Suitable capacity re-circulating chiller
  • Thickness Monitor
  • Load lock with magnetic transfer arm
  • Thermal Evaporation power Supply